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Strontium meta

Release Time:1/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

  Strontium metal:

  Chemical composition:Sr≥99%;Ba≤0.3%;Ca≤0.2%

  Product features: silver white to light yellow soft metal.Can dissolve in alcohol, chemical property is lively, can combustion in air when heated ,encounters dilute acid or water decompose, give off hydrogen and heat, can cause combustion, when burning, send out crimson flame.


  Relative density: 2.54

  Melting point: 769 ℃

  Boiling point: 1384 ℃

  Vapor pressure: 1333 mpa (898 ℃)

  Hardness: 1.8 (diamond = 10)


  Usage: for metallurgy, electronic, chemical and other industrial usage, the production of various kinds of strontium alloy of high quality raw materials, can also be used for manufacturing battery plate.

  Specification packing: strontium metal is vacuum inner packing of 2.5kg aluminum cans and outer packing of 50Kg iron drums.

  Application: strontium metal and its alloys can be widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, aviation, automobile and other industrial fields.In the metallurgical industry, it is often used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer, dephosphorizer, alloy additive, as well as reducing agent, modifying agent and inoculating agent of refractory metals and rare earth metals.Strontium is a new type of energy storage material in the modern battery industry.It has become a versatile functional material.In particular, strontium aluminum alloy is used for casting al-si alloy of metamorphic agent, strontium aluminum alloy with its excellent metamorphic effect, the amount will be significantly increased with the rapid development of China's automobile and motorcycle industry.Its application prospect is very broad

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